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My city.  Loads of stories.

Micha and the art of brewing

A Rhineland way of life

Wibbel the Tailor in the laneway of the same name in the Altstadt (Old Town) has smooth, shiny knees because of the many hands that touch them every day. It’s supposed to bring luck. Although Michael doesn’t believe that, for tradition’s sake he still touches them every time he passes by. And that’s something that happens a lot because he feels so comfortable in the Altstadt. The breweries and kiosks in Düsseldorf are his second home. For him, the casual approach here, where everybody’s treated the same, is what defines the city’s attitude to life. And, he says, everybody can find what they’re looking for in the Altstadt.  

"My great passion is the way of life here. People are at ease with each other, they treat everybody as equals."


Our city

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