Urban Art Walk


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Explore a new facet of Düsseldorf

Düsseldorf is a city of culture. Many museums and interesting galleries show art from all eras. A new exciting art direction seeks other places of action. Offside from the white cube, international urban art artists have created many hidden art sites in the city that are increasingly shaping the image of public space.

At the Urban Art Walk, Klaus Rosskothen, curator and director of Pretty Portal gallery, invites you to discover these places and see a new facet of Düsseldorf. Urban artists combine classical art movements with pop, punk, graffiti or street art, reflecting the thoughts and moods of today. They show their works galleies and in public spaces, the urban environment. They transform these areas into the largest possible gallery and recultivate public space with their murals and installations. Urban Art has established itself in recent years as an art movement in the field of contemporary art.

During a 2-hour walk through the districts of Friedrichstadt and Bilk, Klaus will show you works by ARDIF, Jana & JS, FinDAC, Pixelpancho and L.E.T.. Meanwhile, you discover PDOT's ghosts, as well as sticker art and paste-ups by regional and international artists and get background information on the creation of the artworks, the artists and brief insights into Düsseldorf's city history.


Ellerstrasse / corner Willi Becker Allee

End of tour
: Galerie Pretty Portal, Brunnenstraße 12