All Rhine! Sammy Amara talks about Düsseldorf & the Broilers

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Mike Litt in conversation with Sammy Amara from the Broilers

How are you, Düsseldorf?

Our new podcast "Alle Rhein" for culture in times of Corona - now every week on Friday until further notice: Our host Mike Litt talks to Düsseldorfers from the art and culture scene. He has set up a home studio especially for this purpose.
What Mike Litt wants to know: How do the talk guests experience the surreal time of isolation? What projects are they working on anyway? And what do they miss most about Düsseldorf?
In episode 4, Mike talks to Sammy Amara from the Broilers.

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In the fourth episode, Mike Litt welcomes singer Sammy Amara from the Broilers. The Düsseldorf band has been around for 26 years this year, and it should have been the No. 1 band's most intense year: with a big open-air tour in the summer. Then came Corona! The "Broilers Open Airs 2020" planned for the summer had to be postponed because of the pandemic, the catch-up dates are still being worked on.

In our conversation, we clarify why Sammy takes "social distancing" particularly seriously and why he misses the other band members and walks in his hometown so much. How Sammy Amara makes sure he dresses decently even in quarantine, even though he still hasn't fulfilled his childhood dream of having a mustache. And - why Sammy has no desire for living room concerts.

But it's not just about the band and Düsseldorf, it's also about food and drink: we find out how a project with Düsseldorf's Altbier brewery Uerige is making progress right now in the crisis. And: If you listen to the whole episode, Sammy Amara will give you a recipe for the "world's best tomato salad"! Sammy says of the Lockdown: "If I could wish for something to take away from this time, it's the little bit of solidarity that's sprouting up. Maybe we'll manage to keep looking out for our fellow man like that."

Our host

Mike Litt was born in the US state of Virginia and lived in Bochum for many years. The globetrotter usually works in Cologne but lives with his family in the beautiful Düsseltal district of Düsseldorf. He is a radio presenter (1Live, WDR 2, DLF Nova), a DJ with Mayday festival experience and an author (‘The loneliest DJ in the world’). For our podcast, he holds fascinating conversations with other people from Düsseldorf’s cultural scene.

Cover Sammy Amara © Robert Eikelpoth
Mike Litt © [email protected]
Music / Sound: Christian Moster / Mike Litt

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