The six best places for wine drinkers in Düsseldorf

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The six best places for wine drinkers in Düsseldorf

We reveal our six tips

Düsseldorf is known for its home breweries and its Altbier. But wine lovers also get their money's worth in the Rhine metropolis. Instead of the Buschenschank or the Straußwirtschaft, people meet here in a stylish wine bar. We reveal our six favorites.

Ice cellar wine bar

The wine bar is housed in an old vault near the Academy of Arts , which used to serve as a municipal depot for the ice cut on the Rhine in winter. Today, 250 different wines can be tasted there, ranging from classic to biodynamic. The operators, like the winemakers, attach great importance to high quality, which is to be achieved in harmony with nature.

Frederick Wine Bar

The focus of the Friedrich wine bar is on the Old World, i.e. wines from Europe, especially Germany, Italy, France and Austria. In addition, sommelier Sven Oetzel has his own Friedrich wine selection. Since, to his taste, some drops go on sale too early, he has an arrangement with friendly winemakers: per vintage, he receives his own barrels, which are specifically processed according to his specifications and then offered under the Friedrich label.


Once you've had your fill of the stately stucco ceiling, you can take a look at the wine list: The Parlin has about 300 wines on offer, plus a decent selection of French-inspired dishes. Incidentally, the name Parlin is a combination of the names of the cities Paris and Berlin.


The cozy restaurant in Pempelfort sees itself as a second living room for everyone. It works with small wineries off the beaten path, mainly from Germany and France. In addition to the wine, you should definitely try the sumptuous sandwiches.

Wine bar Galerie am Karlplatz 

If you have trouble making up your mind or enjoy tasting, this wine bar in Carlstadt is the place to go. Sommelier Dieter Ahrweiler offers a wide selection of so-called flights, i.e. three glasses of 0.1 liter each on a particular theme. For example, you can compare red wine as the New World or taste how differently white wine grown in wood develops.


When you enter the small bar in Pempelfort, you immediately notice that owner Olaf Koelker was a furnishing consultant at Vitra in his former life. Muted colors, designer furniture and no chichi. The wine assortment focuses on biodynamic wines and thus deliberately moves far away from the conventional range.

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