Six works of art in the open air

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6 works of art in the open air

We reveal to you six free art experiences

Fancy an open-air art stroll? Apart from the - admittedly great - museums, there is also plenty of art to discover in the streets of Düsseldorf. We have put together a route for you.

Kö-Bogen, Uecker Nagel 

Who drove the nail so crookedly in front of the Kö-Bogen? A glance at the inscription in the floor reveals that it was the ZERO artist Günther Uecker, who lives in Düsseldorf. Uecker, who is known for his relief-like nail paintings, wants to remind us of the industrial tradition on the Rhine and Ruhr with this two-meter-high work facing the Ruhr region.

Court Garden, Les Meninas

What are four Spanish court ladies in dissolute skirts and with striking headdresses doing in the Hofgarten? Inspired by the baroque painting "Las Meninas" by the Spanish painter Diego Velázquez, Manolo Valdes created the four bronze statues in 2007 that seem to be strolling across the lawn at the eastern entrance to the courtyard garden.

K20, Hornet

Behind the shiny black building of the art collection on Grabbeplatz is a colorful eye-catcher: "Hornet" is the name of the wall-spanning mosaic that the English-American artist Sarah Morris created for Paul Klee Square. The colorful glazed tiles are absolutely Instagrammableand can be found on countless social media accounts.


Do exoticism and a busy traffic junction go together? Yes, thought artist Tita Giese, and in 2006 she created a controversial work of art at Stresemannplatz. Giese had palm trees grow out of car tires on several traffic islands to "bring in an association of wild nature." The ensemble is particularly worthwhile as a photo motif in the evening hours when it is illuminated.

Castle Square, City Elevation Monument

1288 was a decisive year in Düsseldorf's history: the then small settlement on the Düssel was granted city rights by Count Adolf V after the Battle of Worringen. A detailed bronze sculpture on Burgplatz shows scenes from the Battle of Worringen and the sealing of the town charter.

Wheel beater at the Uerige

The Radschläger belongs to Düsseldorf like Altbier and the Rhine. In 2001, there was a major art campaign in which more than 100 man-sized, differently designed Radschläger were distributed throughout the city. A particularly beautiful remnant from this time can be admired on Marktstraße opposite the Uerige.

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