10 Beuys places in and around Düsseldorf you have to know

100 years Joseph Beuys


10 Beuys places in and around Düsseldorf you have to know

"As famous as Abbey Road No.3"

The Welt am Sonntag wrote about Joseph Beuys' former residence: "Among art lovers, this address is as well-known as Abbey Road No. 3 is for music fans." We have compiled the ten most important places for anyone who wants to travel through Düsseldorf in the footsteps of the world artist. Beuys is omnipresent in Düsseldorf to this day, and not just on Joseph Beuys Ufer. The entire city draws inspiration from his famous quote, "Every man is an artist." Even soup king Dauser has set up a Beuys corner in his restaurant on Carlsplatz. You can then stop there after your walk.

Residential building at Drakeplatz 4

"In March 1961, Beuys with a leather suitcase, I with a small basket from my grandmother, we move from my student room to Drakeplatz 4," Eva Beuys writes. He lived there until his death in 1986.

Rhine bank in Oberkassel

Since 1972 Anatol studied with Karl Wimmenauer. In front of his house at Kaiser-Wilhelm-Ring 31, Anatol and friends met, dragged the dugout canoe "Blaues Wunder" into the water and brought Beuys "home", but ended up behind the Nordbrücke.

Creamcheese old town

In 1968, in the artists' pub Creamcheese, Neubrückstraße 12, Beuys made anti-theater with "Handaktion," spreading and clenching his hands for two hours while the music group "Pissoff" played terror music.

Stovepipe at the Kunsthalle Düsseldorf

Beuys' stovepipe on the facade of the Kunsthalle am Grabbeplatz brings fresh air inside. The thick concrete wall was pierced in 1981, creating a link between art and urban life.

Office for Direct Democracy

In March 1970, Beuys rented the barbershop Andreastrasse 25 for 500 marks per month as a "research center" outside the academy. Here he called for a refusal to vote in order to enforce direct democracy instead.

Beuys oak with stele

Beuys' ecological project includes 7000 oak trees with 7000 basalt stelae. Beuys and the art-minded minister Reimut Jochimsen planted an oak with stone together on Horionplatz in 1983. 

Academy of Arts

Beuys had studied at the Academy of Art and was "Professor of Sculpture" from 1961 until his expulsion in 1972. The unorthodox teacher wanted to change the academy away from state paternalism. 

K20 Art Collection NRW

"Palazzo Regale" from 1985 in K20 is Beuys' last installation, with relics of his actions and brass panels full of gold dust. The surroundings blur, the viewer is thrown back on himself.

Art Palace Large Sculpture Eurasia Rod

Four large, ascending felt corners and a mighty copper rod symbolize Beuys' wanderings between East and West. The work is called "Eurasienstab" and belongs to the Kunstpalast in the Ehrenhof. (not accessible at the moment due to renovation)

Memorial in Meerbusch

In 1959 Beuys notched the names of the 222 war dead from Büderich into the oak gate of the Romanesque church tower of St. Mauritius, Dorfstraße 48-54 in Meerbusch, and hung an oak cross inside as a symbol of resurrection.

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