Six cozy art house cinemas in Düsseldorf


Six cozy art house cinemas in Düsseldorf

Arthouse classics, live-streamed operas, and the best of Hollywood: these movie theaters should be awarded an Oscar for their offerings  

Who doesn't want to pop some popcorn and watch a nice movie on a big screen instead of streaming it on their computer? In Düsseldorf, you don't have to go to the same old large cinemas. Here you can discover a wide variety of small movie theaters - each with a unique program. From arthouse cinema hits to live opera performances and film history classics, these six Düsseldorf cinemas will make your cineaste heart beat faster. 


For 60 years now, you've been able to immerse yourself in unknown worlds and distant galaxies, in the glitter and glamour world of Hollywood or in enigmatic stories from times long past - at the Atelier in Graf-Adolf-Strasse 47. Above the large movie theater, there's also the Savoy Theater cabaret stage with regular performances. From a cultural point of view, you'll get your money's worth in the cinema: when arias are belted out in the New York Metropolitan Opera, you can listen along in one of the 190 cinema seats in the Atelier.Likewise, the performances of "Hamlet" or "La Traviata" live from London are sure to delight genre fans. Incidentally, the master of all cinema classes Alfred Hitchcock once came to the Atelier for the premiere of "The Birds" just as Volker Schlöndorff came to the house for the screening of his Oscar winner "The Tin Drum" - and what cinema can claim that? Note: Tickets cannot be ordered online, but only by phone. 


Hardly any cinema offers more comfort: In the basement, Düsseldorf's smallest art house cinema with 70 seats, there is a bar in the auditorium! This means that if you get a dry throat from watching cult films like "The Fabulous World of Amélie," "The Royal Tenenbaums" or "Death on the Nile," the next drink is not far away. What's special: The district cinema, located in Oberkassel, has a charming peculiarity: unlike in normal cinemas, you don't sit on armchairs, but on chairs - if you can hold onto them at all with the excitement of even new films from 2021. You can then read up on the classic films one floor up at Café Muggel.


Documentaries, romances, thrillers: At the Bambi at Klosterstraße 79, you'll meet Daniel Craig in his starring role as James Bond as well as unknown actors in niche films that - quite unjustly - don't usually find their way onto the big screen. The cinema, which opened in 1963, enjoys a special reputation as a venue for premieres: Hape Kerkeling, Hans W. Geissendörfer and Anna Maria Mühe - to name just a few stars - presented their works here for the first time. Speaking of stars: The ceiling of the 166-seat "Filmstudio" hall is adorned with a starry sky. And that alone invites you to dream. 


How many times have you secretly practiced your acceptance speech for winning an Oscar? Whether you want to get into show business yourself and try your hand in front of or behind the camera - if movies don't invite you to do just that, who or what will? At the Metropol district cinema on Bilker Brunnenstraße, you'll be amazed by breakneck stunts, top-notch special effects, and performances that are - that's right - Oscar-worthy. To name just two examples: You can enjoy classics like "Le Mans" with Steve McQueen or "Belle de Jour" with Catherine Deneuve as well as the biopic about Aretha Franklin from 2021. The cinema also regularly offers an exciting program for children in two halls. 


A giant bag of popcorn, a jumbo cup of cola, and you're ready for the screening at the Cinema. In the art house cinema, located in a small side street of the old town, you can experience first-class culture: You can marvel at the creative work of Frida Kahlo in an "Exhibition on Screen" or the breathtaking ballet performance of "Swan Lake" from the Bolshoi Theater in Moscow. Cinema also streams from the "National Theatre" in London time and again. Since 1957, the house has accordingly been one of the top addresses when it comes to enjoying sophisticated cinema. 

Black Box 

Not to be ignored in Düsseldorf's program cinema offer: the Black Box! This is a genuine cinema for the art of film. Here cineastes comefully at their expense. To name just a small selection: As the only house of its kind in all of Düsseldorf, there is still a 35-mm projector here. Thanks to the Filmmuseum's abundant stock of old celluloid films, the flicks still flicker across the screen in the Black Box as they used to - with the sonorous rattling of the projector in the background. In addition, the monthly silent movie night is an attraction in itself. To add the cherry on top of the movie night in the old town, one of the nowadays extremely rare silent movie organs plays. Only a few of these pipe instruments, which are similar to church organs, still exist in Germany, if not in Europe. Every Tuesday, film hearts beat faster when cinema classics are shown in the "Stations of Film History" series. As you can see, the Black Box is not just any art house cinema, but a truly exceptional one.  

All information about the different cinemas can be found here. You can find more about the Black Box here.

Cover photo: Interior view of the Cinema for the premiere of "Van Gogh". , Photo: Raphael Janzer

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