Motorboat excursion of the My Oasis Club on the Rhine.

Sport, culture & day trips – My Oasis Club offers boundless leisure activities


An interview with Hajo Rappe about My Oasis Club

Places of recreation and encounter are essential for the quality of life in a city. That is why Hajo Rappe initiated the My Oasis Clubwith a wide range of leisure activities. Düsseldorf newbies in particular appreciate the numerous activities, such as boat trips, yoga and fitness courses, as well as the joint barbecue evenings and excursions. Düsseldorf newbies now make up around 80 percent of the membership and come from all over the world. Hajo Rappe told us in an interview what characterizes the club and his personal insider tip in the Medienhafen

Hajo, you run My Oasis Club, which carries in its name the promise of being an island of peace and relaxation. How do you put that into practice?
In essence, we want to create a place where you can leave your everyday life behind and meet new people - without having to organize anything big. We offer a wide range of activities, from joint sports to cultural and culinary discovery tours to relaxed get-togethers.  

Leisure activities include parties like the one here at Plange Mühle.
Club event at Plange Mühle. Photo: Hajo Rappe

The term ‘club’ tends to suggest exclusivity. Leisure activities such as watersports might make people jump to conclusions about high membership fees and wealthy elites. But is that really the case?
We’ve got everyone from students to members of the state parliament, from single people to men with families to businesswomen – in a nutshell, people from all sorts of backgrounds. Everyone is welcome. We keep things casual, we’re all on first-name terms, and many friendships have developed between members. One of our main aims is to bring people together. The emphasis is on fun and shared experiences, for example on our outings. Especially for new arrivals in Düsseldorf, the club offers great opportunities to meet people and get to know the city. People barbecue together, play volleyball and lots of other things. I think our monthly fee of €45 allows us to appeal to a wide range of people. Members can take part in organised sport sessions with dedicated instructors, such as the outdoor fitness boot camp or yoga classes. We also have two motorboats in the MedienHafen that are available to everyone.  

Boat trips, barbecues, yoga, volleyball - it sounds like a club that is primarily geared up for spring and summer. Is that impression correct?
Far from it! Some things are definitely easier to arrange in the summer, but we also offer our fitness boot camps and yoga classes outdoors in autumn and winter, though people do need to dress up warm, of course. It really does feel fantastic to jump into the hot tub afterwards. And we can do our day trips at any time of year anyway. 

That's quite a busy schedule. Speaking of day trips, what sort of things do you get up to?
You’d be better off asking what don’t we get up to! Last year, we organised a guided tour of the botanical gardens that even the less horticulturally inclined members loved. Then there are our boat trips, of course. They start from the marina below the Rhine Tower in the MedienHafen and take us to places like Kaiserswerth, Himmelgeist, Lörick or Hamm. By the way, Hamm has the most beautiful sunsets on the Rhine, because there aren’t any houses or woods to block your view. We’ve teamed up with various partners, such as Lake Unterbach and the Langenfeld waterski centre, in order to extend our watersports offering beyond the original scope. We’ve also got connections with some of Düsseldorf’s cultural venues. That allows us to regularly organise private guided tours of museums, and we get invited to private art viewings and exhibitions. Something of a special treat are the site visits we arrange in collaboration with Düsseldorf businesses, where we get to take a look behind the scenes, for example at the Rheinische Post newspaper. Those sorts of insights are not normally available to the public.   

That is indeed a broad range of leisure activities that you probably wouldn't expect. Finally, a personal question: What's your insider tip for the Medienhafen?
I love Café Greger on Erftstraße. They have the best coffee - at least in the entire harbor area. And the granola is great, too. A real insider tip is the Hafen-Kunst-Kino. Few people know about it. International as well as regional film art is shown there throughout the year. It always starts about 15 to 30 minutes after sunset. You can bring your own wine and cheese and make yourself comfortable on the square in front of the Riva.

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