Interior Design Studios – detail of a living room with a striking yellow armchair, a gold floor lamp next to it and a picture print behind it.

Six interior design studios that will make your life more beautiful


Modern, edgy or classic? - Six interior design studios & stores for a stylish home

The numerous interior design studios and stores prove that Düsseldorf also focuses on inner values and not only the surface counts! You want to beautify your home, are looking for inspiration? Do you want a large dining table, a chic sofa or a whole new living concept? Are you looking for handmade ceramics or Italian-made terrazzo accessories? You should know these six object and interior design specialists.

Heart Desire

You can already guess - a lot of heart and soul goes into Herzbegehrt. The interior design store in Niederkassel demonstrates a love of detail. The interior designers Alexa Bügers and Kerstin Vöge not only develop complete interior design concepts and provide individual living advice. It is precisely the smaller things in life that the makers of Herzbegehrt focus on. Bügers and Vöge select furniture, home accessories and stationery with great sensitivity. In addition to selected major brands such as the Scandinavian furniture manufacturers Hay and Muuto, they have products from exclusive manufactories in their program, which are often handmade and thus tell their very own story.

69 m²

Two energetic women are also at work at 69 m². Alexa Müller and Babette Andrees complement each other perfectly when working on new furnishing concepts, which is not least due to their biographies: Babette Andrees is an architect who has lived and worked in Denmark and Australia, among other places, while Alexa Müller, a trained industrial clerk and owner of the interior design store 69 m², was already selling furniture and vintage design objects from the 20th century before they joined forces. The bundling of their strengths is advantageous for all parties involved: The customers of the design studio of Müller and Andrees enjoy individually designed interiors, in which furniture and objects, some of which have become rare, are incorporated, which Alexa Müller tracks down with great enthusiasm and a good hand throughout Europe. Those who don't want to take advantage of the full service or like to knit their own living concept - many of the vintage pieces of furniture are available for purchase at the 69 m² headquarters on Lindenstraße in Flingern.


Terrazzo is at the heart of the company founded by Luisa Reischmann. The stone casting technique has existed since ancient times and is known primarily as a floor covering. For Luizzo, Reischmann designs furniture and home accessories. These include side tables and tableaus, which are made in Italy and sold on Lorettostrasse - along with other lifestyle products such as body care, textiles and vegan scented candles made from soy wax. Luisa Reischmann also offers custom terrazzo products on request, for both private and business customers. Be it terrazzo tiles for flooring, kitchen countertops or custom-made flower pots. At Luizzo you will find a selection of over 50 terrazzo mixes. It is therefore advisable to consult us and order samples.

Out of Alltag

The name of the store is just as successfully composed as the carefully curated assortment, which focuses on new, unusual interior brands. Those who enter Out of Alltag for the first time often can't get out of their amazement and rapture. Minimalism and reduction determine the formal language of the furniture, but the color selection is usually so vibrant that it never seems cool or reserved. A highlight is the label of Florian Vogel and Carolin Kreidel: Victor Foxtrot from Hamburg. Vogel worked for several years for Ingo Maurer, Germany's best-known lighting designer, who created lights like "Zettel'z" and "Porca Miseria!". His joy in leaving the comfort zone also seems to inspire Vogel and Kreidel, whose furniture and luminaires captivate with simple but refined shapes combined with strong signal colors. At Out of Alltag, however, interiors from the region also find their place, such as Kiyo, a Düsseldorf furniture brand. In any case, the name of the store is the program and an escape from everyday life can hardly be more beautiful.


Are you looking for design classics by Charles & Ray Eames, Arne Jacobsen or Verner Panton? Or rather fans of contemporary furniture design by designers like Konstantin Grcic and Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec? Regardless of whether you're more into modern or modernist designs, you'll find what you're looking for at Smow. The corner store on the beautiful Lorettostrasse brings together everything that is famous in the world of interior design. Here you'll find chairs by Vitra and Thonet, the legendary shelves by USM Haller and String, and lamps by Louis Poulsen. Mirrors, vases, trays, blankets and cushions from international collections are also on offer. There is virtually nothing that is not available. It's no wonder that Smow can also provide valuable services in furnishing and lighting design and is one of the most popular Düsseldorf design studios.

Redbeard Interior

The "red beards" are at home in the courtyard of the Alte Farbwerke on Ronsdorfer Straße. Max Grütering and Lennart Efsing, who met while studying interior design at the Peter Behrens School of Art in Düsseldorf, have been working together under the name Redbeard Interior since 2017. They are supported by an interdisciplinary young team of interior designers, product designers, carpenters and craftsmen, and that en gros ou au détail. In addition to furnishing concepts, which they often implement for restaurants and bars and in which the team skilfully combines materials such as steel, glass, wood and natural stone, the designers also show great commitment on a smaller scale. A selection of their self-developed prototypes such as sideboards, lamps, steel chairs and shelves can also be admired and ordered in their studio in Hall 27. And their love of furniture goes even further: the refurbishment of unique pieces of furniture is in good hands with the Redbeards. A little tip: In the same courtyard is the cult coffee roastery Schvarz and the Theaterkantine, a small independent private theater. So the trip here is worth it twice and three times over.

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