Felix Krämer and Mike Litt at the Kunstpalast during the podcast recording for Alle Rhein!

Alle Rhein! – with Felix Krämer, Director General and artistic director of the Kunstpalast in Düsseldorf

The podcast hosted by Mike Litt


“The great thing about Düsseldorf is that I don’t know any other city in Germany where art plays such a significant role.”

The Kunstpalast officially reopened on 21 November 2023, after three years of renovations. That seemed the perfect reason to invite Dr Felix Krämer, who has been the museum’s Director General since 2017, to our Alle Rhein! podcast. A few related facts and figures: the city of Düsseldorf has invested 50 million euros in the project. A selection of 800 out of a total of 130,000 objects are on display as part of a chronological tour through 49 rooms. The declared aim is to make art accessible to all. Felix Krämer regards the renovations and remodelling of the Kunstpalast as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. In his chat with Mike Litt, he talks about the heart, humour and hope that went into bringing the new Kunstpalast to fruition. Find out what criticism the German FAZ newspaper raised when Krämer first took charge of the museum, and how an everyday object like an Aldi shopping bag can help you to position yourself, along with plenty of other exciting facts, by listening to the Alle Rhein! podcast.

Felix Krämer looks out of a window of the Kunstpalast.

Episode 42 with Felix Krämer

The Alle Rhein! podcast gives a voice to the people behind the many large and small-scale projects at the heart of Düsseldorf’s thriving cultural scene. Our host Mike Litt discusses the most exciting projects with his guests and finds out along the way what artists, organisers and other creatives love about their city, and where they personally like to hang out. In Episode 42, Mike is talking to Felix Krämer, the Director General of the Kunstpalast.

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Our host

Mike Litt was born in the US state of Virginia and lived in Bochum for many years. The globetrotter usually works in Cologne but lives with his family in the beautiful Düsseltal district of Düsseldorf. He is a radio presenter (1Live, WDR 2, DLF Nova), a DJ with Mayday festival experience and an author (‘The loneliest DJ in the world’). For our podcast, he holds fascinating conversations with other people from Düsseldorf’s cultural scene.

Kunstpalast photos: Markus Luigs
Photo of Mike Litt: [email protected]
Music / sound: Christian Moster / Mike Litt / Volker Knippenberg

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