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Six altbier hotspots where you can explore Düsseldorf’s signature beer


Breweries in Düsseldorf that you simply have to visit.

Altbier and Düsseldorf are a match made in heaven, and we’re delighted to be serving our signature brew to visitors during EURO 2024. After all, football fans are known for liking their beer! So much so that the UK government issued a warning to England and Scotland supporters that German beer can be stronger than in the UK. An altbier has an average alcohol content of 4.8 percent, while British beers average between 4.5 and 5 percent – at least according to Drinkaware, the UK’s leading alcohol charity. In any case, this is a welcome opportunity for us to introduce a few breweries as well as Düsseldorf’s long-established beer culture. We would also point out that many of the breweries’ menus feature a wide range of hearty food – from knuckle of pork and pea soup to vegetarian goat’s cheese gratin.

Schumacher Alt – where it all started

Schumacher in the heart of Düsseldorf has been brewing altbier since 1838, making it the city’s oldest brewery. It attracts beer lovers from around the world who flock here to try its altbier, which is made the traditional way. During EURO 2024, the Schumacher brewery will be transformed into a vibrant hotspot for fans in search of an authentic beer experience. Take a seat in the historical building in happening Oststrasse and discover how each type of beer strikes the perfect balance between the traditional and the modern. Schumacher offers more than just beer, it’s also the ideal starting point for a memorable tour of Düsseldorf’s brewery scene. Here, you can enjoy the Rhineland’s famous hospitality and meet football fans from around the world.

Zum Schlüssel - artisan craft and a warm welcome

The Zum Schlüssel microbrewery can be found on Bolkerstrasse in the heart of the Old Town. Known for its excellent altbier, which is brewed on site, this traditional brewery is sure to be a central meeting point for football fans from around the world during EURO 2024. Visitors can enjoy the beer, a finely balanced blend of strong malt and subtle hop notes, in the cosy atmosphere inside, at tables on Bolkerstrasse or opposite on the secluded terrace. From here, drinkers can watch the hustle and bustle of Düsseldorf’s Old Town. You can even go on a tour of the brewery before putting your newly acquired knowledge to the test during an altbier tasting.

Brauerei Kürzer - where the traditional meets the modern

Brauerei Kürzer, located on Kurze Strasse, seamlessly blends into the historical Old Town and brings an element of innovation to the city’s altbier scene. This charming little brewery is known for its modern interpretation of traditional brewing methods and showcases the drink in a new way: draught altbier in a contemporary setting. The master brewers demonstrate great skill in balancing the notes of hops and malt, leaving drinkers to enjoy their craft in modern, yet welcoming, surroundings. Visitors to Kürzer can even take a look behind the scenes and learn more about the art of brewing.

Im Füchschen - a taste that brings people together

The Im Füchschen brewery on the iconic Ratinger Strasse is an institution in Düsseldorf’s Old Town and a popular meeting place for lovers of altbier. Füchschen Alt, with its delicate balance of malty sweetness and pleasing bitter hops, has been brewed here since 1848. This balance has made the beer a big hit with locals and visitors alike. The venue’s rustic ambience provides the perfect setting to immerse yourself in local beer culture as you enjoy the subtle taste of this traditional altbier.

Uerige - strong and full of character

Close to the river Rhine at the top of Berger Strasse lies the Uerige brewpub, another altbier institution and one that is known far beyond Düsseldorf. Beer lovers from across the globe flock to Uerige, as do the locals, who meet here for a beer after a home game or a spot of weekend shopping on Carlsplatz square, and – really – any time they have a moment spare. The charming atmosphere and the love of traditional brewing craft make this brewpub one of Düsseldorf’s biggest draws. The fan zone on Burgplatz square is only a stone’s throw away, so you can expect to see many football fans here during EURO 2024. In addition to the excellent beer, the pub also serves hearty food such as suckling pig, goulash and pork tartare rolls. Rustic rules!

Two hands clinking bottles of Hosen Hell beer.

Uerige’s alternative tipple: Hosen Hell

Hosen Hell might not be an altbier, but it is brewed by Uerige. As the name suggests, this is the beer of famous local punk band Die Toten Hosen. The band didn’t want to compete with the local altbier, so they opted for helles, a style of beer that originates in Bavaria. Michael Schnitzler, who took over the Uerige brewpub from his father and is a friend of the band, worked with beer guru Dr Fritz Briem to create a deliciously rounded, helles-style beer for the band. But watch out, it has an ABV of 5.2 percent – you’ve been warned!

As you can see, footie fans, there’s no need to be wary of German beer. In fact, you should be celebrating Düsseldorf’s altbier, as our beer scene is an experience that’s not to be missed. And look out for the köbes, the brewery waiters, who’ll take your order in their incomparable gruff, regional style, which more often than not is laced with a sense of humour.

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Text: Cynthia Blasberg & Tim Schoster
Main photo: U. Otte

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