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Current exhibitions in Düsseldorf at a glance


A selection of current exhibitions & highlights in Düsseldorf's museums and collections.

Kunstsammlung NRW | K20 Grabbeplatz

Hilma af Klint and Wassily Kandinsky. Dreams of the Future
Until August 11, 2024
The exhibition on Hilma af Klint and Wassily Kandinsky is a premiere. Although the artist and the artist have often been mentioned in the same breath for several years, their works have only occasionally come together in large group exhibitions. With a total of around 120 oil paintings, watercolors, gouaches and drawings, they will be juxtaposed for the first time in a dialogical exhibition at the K20 of the Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen.

Kunstsammlung NRW | K21 Ständehaus

Mike Kelley. Ghost and Spirit
Until September 8, 2024
Mike Kelley's work is experimental, opulent and disturbing - and it is considered one of the most influential since the late 1970s. The Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen is showing a comprehensive retrospective at K21, which was created in collaboration with Tate Modern, London, the Pinault Collection, Paris, and the Moderna Museet, Stockholm.

Art Palace

Spot On: Hairytales
June to October 27, 2024
Female body hair offered and offers material for discussion. It is by no means the case that women are free to decide on their armpit, leg and head hair without being commented on. Art's view of the female body and the depiction and staging of hair over the centuries tells of changing body norms and ideas of gender. The hairy theme is at the heart of the exhibition at the Kunstpalast, which presents and juxtaposes paintings, photography, graphics and design from the 16th century to the present day. The spectrum ranges from Renaissance goddesses to a mobile drying hood and a body with artificial pubic hair. The approximately 30 selected works and objects reveal different perspectives and discourses on hair. Photographs by Gertrude Käsebier, Tobias Zielony and Rebecca Racine Ramershoven deal with questions of identity and desire and, in juxtaposition with sculpture, design and painting, address ideals of beauty and the associated power relations and everyday practices.

NRW Forum

Die Grosse Kunstausstellung NRW 2024
June 23 to July 28, 2024
It's time again for the annual "Die Grosse", which can be seen at the Kunstpalast and NRW-Forum. Sculptures in the outdoor space form a visual link, a kind of connecting visual axis between the two well-known Düsseldorf art institutions. Visitors can purchase the works directly on site without the involvement of a gallery. The participating artists are selected from numerous applications by an annually changing jury. Works from the fields of painting, photography, graphic art, sculpture, installation and video will be on display.

KIT – Kunst im Tunnel

Der rote Faden - Follow the Thread
Until September 15, 2024
Wool, embroidery threads, acrylic threads, carpet ground and awning fabric form the basis of the exhibition on a material level, the thread of which can literally be followed. On a less representational level, it is associated with orientation, something that holds things together on the outside and inside, something that we can follow. Four artists are exhibiting their works and interpretations at KIT.


50 years of German-Mongolian friendship. Healing the Earth
June to September 8, 2024
There is a connection that is quite unknown to the public: the German-Mongolian friendship. The exhibition "Healing the Earth" is dedicated to this and shows works by 18 contemporary artists from Düsseldorf and Ulaanbaatar. The works deal with current world conditions, seek answers and question.

Philara Collection

In Absence
Until September 8, 2024
The collection presentation "In Absence" shows photographs and works related to photography that deal with pseudo-presence, ghostly presence, voids and absence. They reveal a delicate sense of gesture and subtle deviations from media conventions. The exhibited works address issues relating to both the physical nature
of photography and its technical requirements, as well as broader aspects such as speculative fiction, belonging, nostalgia and obscurity.

Julia Stoschek Foundation

Lynn Hershman Leeson. Are Our Eyes Targets?
April 2024 to February 2, 2025
The Julia Stoschek Foundation presents "Are Our Eyes Targets?", the first solo exhibition by renowned media art pioneer Lynn Hershman Leeson in Düsseldorf. The exhibition spans the entire second floor and presents videos, photo collages as well as interactive and mixed-media installations that provide an insight into the artist's groundbreaking practice.

Digital Diaries
April 2024 to February 2, 2025
The group exhibition "Digital Diaries" examines how a total of 16 female artists have experimented with personal records from the 1970s to the present day. Inspired by the six-channel installation "The Electronic Diary of Lynn Hershman Leeson", which is on show at the JSF Düsseldorf at the same time, "Digital Diaries" brings together videos, photographs, video sculptures and mixed-media works that deal with the intimate experiences of female artists.

Langen Foundation

20 years of the Langen Foundation
Until August 11, 2024
The Langen Foundation is celebrating its 20th anniversary with the exhibition "Three Generations - One Passion", a cross-generational family line-up of around 130 works. Since the museum building designed by Tadao Andō opened in 2004, the Langen
Foundation has regularly presented changing exhibitions by international artists as well as parts of Viktor and Marianne Langen's collection. The passionate collecting activities of the Langen couple are a cornerstone of the Langen Foundation's identity.

Museum Insel Hombroich

Hildegard and Erwin Heerich. Harmony in Autonomy
19. May 2024 to February 23, 2025
Largely unnoticed by the public, Hildegard Heerich developed an independent artistic oeuvre alongside her husband, the artist and academy professor Erwin Heerich, which can still be discovered today. Starting with early collaborations in which she translated Erwin Heerich's drawings into idiosyncratic fabric paintings, she increasingly emancipated herself from him with her abstract textile collages and found her own self-confident visual language.

Info: The two largest exhibition pavilions are being renovated. The labyrinth and the twelve-room house will be fitted with ecological geothermal heating systems and new roofs. In addition, barrier-free access to the museum is being created. As a result, some areas are closed and not all exhibition buildings are open.

City Museum Düsseldorf

1874/2024. 150 years of the Stadtmuseum
Until August 11, 2024
As Düsseldorf's oldest museum, the Stadtmuseum has had an eventful history since it was founded in 1874. The anniversary exhibition presents this history throughout the building: contemporary museum concepts and a virtual show introduce the exhibition. The focus is on the museum idea of the protector Prince George of Prussia and his collection.

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