TSOD Mixtape #9: Neumatic Parlo

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Düsseldorf Now: The current music scene as a mixtape

#9: Neumatic Parlo

Düsseldorf has a lively music scene. If you want to get an up-to-date overview, check out our Spotify playlist "TSOD Mixtape" - curated by Julian Janisch from the concert agency KKT.

Every week we present an artist or band from the playlist. In this way, we would like to help "The Sound of Düsseldorf" get the exposure it deserves, even during the pandemic. As long as no concerts can take place, it is even more difficult for new artists* to find an audience. Support your favorite local bands now. Play it loud for your neighborhood! Here now the profile of Neumatic Parlo:

Where in Düsseldorf did you play your first concert?
At the Teestube in Kaiserswerth (2018)

And where your last?
In the world art room (2019)

Which song do you listen to when you feel homesick for Düsseldorf?
"Franz Schubert" by Kraftwerk

Which Düsseldorf band should you build a statue of?

Where else in Düsseldorf would you like to play?
In the hall of the zakk

More about Neumatic Parlo can be found here.

Listen now:

The curator

Julian Janisch observes the Düsseldorf music landscape for Visit Düsseldorf and curates the Spotify playlist "TSOD Mixtape". The 33-year-old has worked in Düsseldorf for years as a concert promoter and booker for the FFT, zakk and New Fall Festival as well as for the cultural office. Since 2018/19, he has been working for the Berlin concert agency KKT, which is part of the Toten Hosen record label. He looks after bands like the Donots and Kavka and works on tour planning for the Toten Hosen and Die Ärzte.

Cover image: © Clara Radtke
Julian Janisch: © Thomas Tiefseetaucher

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