Six kebab stores you can't go past


Six kebab stores you can't go past

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Düsseldorf is celebrated for its culinary highlights - and rightly so! But have you ever tried the city's kebab stalls? Whether as an after-work snack, after a long party night or just in between: If you like crispy meat in pita bread, garnished with fresh salad and then finished off with the perfect sauce combination, you don't have to look far in Düsseldorf. In almost every district there is at least one top place to go. Even the "Vöner", the vegetarian or vegan alternative, has long established its own culinary tradition in Düsseldorf. You have already found the Dönermann or Dönerfrau of your confidence? No? Then here are our six recommendations.

Yede brat 

The name means nothing to you? That's probably because Yede Gör is known throughout the city mainly for its funny, but therefore no less true advertising slogan: "Our doner kebab tastes great, with sauce top!" But not only the slogan, also the kebab of Yede Gör is cult, and that for decades and beyond the city limits. The small snack bar on Worringer Straße doesn't look like much and is less suitable for a leisurely meal on the spot. But the friendly team behind the counter is all the quicker to provide those waiting with juicy takeaway food. You can choose between veal and chicken, wrapped in crispy pita bread, served with fresh salad and vegetables, or with feta cheese if you wish - and of course with great sauce! Best, you order "once mixed with everything". Long opening hours, on weekends also until dawn and beyond, accommodate the party crowd. And the three-minute walk to Düsseldorf's main train station ensures that not only locals have easy access to their favorite kebab.  

Dene & brat  

This kebab shop is anything but an insider tip! No wonder, since it owes its existence to a few ex-Yede-Gör employees who exported their spit know-how to Graf-Adolf-Strasse more than a decade ago. The place opposite the Savoy Theater is decorated in the red and white Fortuna look - hence the widely known second name. Here, too, the kebab comes without a lot of frills, but with particularly tasty seasoning, crusty bread and a choice of three different sauces. But the size of the portions is right. In addition to veal and chicken, a vegetarian seitan kebab is offered, but it doesn't play the main role here. The fact that Dene & Gör are undoubtedly among the top dogs in Düsseldorf is known at least throughout the city and sometimes leads to queues at peak times. Fortunately, the opening hours are almost as official as those of competitor Yede Gör. The joint is open until 3 a.m. - every weekday.  

Balli kebab kebab 

Graf-Adolf-Strasse, the second. Only a few meters separate the kebab institution Dene & Gör (number 58) from one of the most recommendable places to go for vegetarian and vegan alternatives in Düsseldorf: At Balli Döner Kebab (number 41), the selection ranges from vegan seitan kebabs and the Beyond Meat version to veggie kebabs with salad and roasted vegetables. Falafel can also be found on the menu here. Various sauces are also available, of course, including, quite classically, a chili and cocktail sauce, but also more special ones like a honey mustard sauce. Extras include feta, jalapeños, hummus or tzatziki. No matter what you choose, you can order it in four varieties: as a bag in stone-baked bread, as a Dürüm in thin Yufka flatbread, with fries in a box, or as a kebab plate, then optionally with rice. Bulgur salad and Turkish pizza round out the menu at Balli. Oh yes: Veal and chicken are also spit-roasted here, and there are also seats.        

MY Vegetable Kebab 

Doner kebab is not a slimming product, of course. But unlike some other fast food, it can at least provide a few nutrients. This is even more true if you add a bit of vegetables to the salad - or even a bit more. That's exactly what MY Vegetables does -Döner. In addition to veal or chicken from the spit, carrots, eggplant, zucchini, potatoes and the like go into the pita bread here on Friedrichstraße, opposite the Düsseldorf Arcaden - admittedly deep-fried, but it tastes good! The name of the popular kebab station, which started out as a food truck in a neighboring parking lot umpteen years ago, is therefore a bit misleading. However, it is actually not a mistake to enjoy the vegetable kebab here pure or optionally as "MY Bio Vöner" on seitan basis. By the way, the food truck was also recently back in action: at Düsseldorf University.

Alanya kebab 

Off to the north of Düsseldorf! Not far from the An der Piwipp stop in the Unterrath district is home to another legend of the Düsseldorf kebab scene: Alanya has earned its citywide reputation over the years. Homemade is the formula here, there is no doubt about that. The Turkish specialties on display in the showcases are of the finest quality - from the braised chicken leg to the stuffed eggplant to the baklava, which can also be enjoyed on site with a cup of tea at Alanya. But wait, we actually came for the kebab! Chicken and veal are perfectly grilled and combined with salad and delicious sauces to a kebab with just the right spiciness. Definitely worth the trip to Unterrath. And as a photo wall reveals, one or two celebrities probably see it that way, too.  

Döner Kebap at Spichernplatz  

Another city district favorite. As the name suggests, Döner Kebap am Spichernplatz is located in the middle of Düsseldorf-Derendorf. More precisely, in a small row of stores at the west end of Spichernplatz, whose centerpiece is a large playground that is popular in the neighborhood. Here, not only the love for Fortuna is authentic, about which already the logo on the window gives unmistakable information. The streetcars of lines 705 and 707 rattle by, and everything together gives the covered outdoor area of the kebab snack bar, which is equipped with a whole row of tables and chairs, the real Derendorf neighborhood flair. But it is not only the residents who have appreciated the Döner Kebap at Spichernplatz for many years. The store is widely known in the city, not least for its Dürüm, which is prepared from homemade dough and baked fresh in the oven. It's not just the kebab that benefits from this method of preparation, but the Turkish pizza.  

Cover image: sgrunden on pixabay

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