Six experiences that belong on every Düsseldorf itinerary


Six experiences that belong on every Düsseldorf itinerary

We just say: slurp ramen, get free from giddiness, relax on the city beach

The list of ideas for how you would like to spend your time out in Düsseldorf is almost endless? From A for Aquazoo to Z for (New) Zollhof? That's right, the capital of North Rhine-Westphalia offers so many attractions that you'd better think about a move instead of a vacation. If this has to wait for various reasons: For starters, enjoy a series of the most typical Düsseldorf to-dos. This will give you a first impression of the diversity of the city, and when you leave, you will take with you the desire to return as soon as possible. Sounds good, doesn't it? 

Watching passersby in a café on the Kö 

Does the name Anna Wintour mean anything to you? The legendary editor-in-chief of the U.S. fashion bible "Vogue" almost exclusively wears sunglasses at fashion shows. Why? That way, she can critically observe the collections and their details without anyone noticing. If you're planning something similar in Düsseldorf, there's no better place to be than on the legendary Königsallee shopping street, affectionately known as the Kö. Sit down in one of the many cafés - perhaps "Rosalie's Café" (Königsallee 1-9) - to watch the passing fashionistas from all over the world and thus the trends they are wearing, while sipping a perfectly brewed coffee. Less crowded (especially on Fridays and Saturdays), but no less visually exciting, is the Hofgarten and there at "Pocchino Espresso" (Königsallee 2b). From this café, you can also enjoy the best view of the passing public as well as the flora and fauna in and along the Nördliche Düssel.  

Hang out in the net of Saraceno 

Coffee drunk, breakfast eaten? Then take a short digestive stroll through the Hofgarten before devoting yourself to art and culture. By the way, the tip to let the first meal of the day sink in is no coincidence - because in the K21 art collection (Ständehausstraße 1) you'll be going to dizzying heights! In fact, you'll quickly find yourself in a work by Argentine artist Tomás Saraceno formed from almost transparent steel nets. "In orbit" turns you into Spiderman for a time at a height of more than 25 meters (even if the protective suit provided by the museum looks less Hollywood-like, but safety first!). Important: K21 advises you to wear shoes with a strong tread, such as trekking shoes, when entering the spectacular installation. Then nothing will stand in the way of the unprecedented shaking of your knees, including a whole new feeling of freedom. More adrenaline is not possible in the early morning! 

Slurping ramen in Little Tokyo 

Phew, take a breath! Celebrate yourself for the courage to have conquered every (height) fear in the K21, but with a really good lunch. And where would you find that if not in Düsseldorf's Japanese quarter? Whether extra fresh sushi, crispy karaage or juicy rice balls, around Immermannstraße no culinary wish remains unfulfilled. One highlight among many: Ramen! The hearty broth, often served with yakibuta (pork ham), negi, i.e. spring onions, or gyoza, can be enjoyed in a number of different restaurants, each of which shares one thing in common with all the others: The seats fill up so quickly that you can barely bat your eyelashes twice. So if possible, be there before rush hour between 12 and 1 p.m. or bring a little time to wait, because it's worth it. Once the bowl of steaming soup is in front of you, with tender pieces of meat, golden miso egg and the finest of noodles swimming in it, you'll understand the daily (!) rush for your favorite dish. Sounds a bit spiritual, but if you want to give a gift to your innermost self, sip a plate full of this food-based happiness at Takumi (Immermannstraße 28), Café Rika (Gehrtstraße 16) or Naniwa (Oststraße 55), for example. 

A detour to Flingern, Oberbilk, Oberkassel 

Finally (once again) in Düsseldorf, finally time to get to know the center best. A great idea, and yet there may be a minute or two left to discover the parts of town that are in doubt more unknown to you. We think of Flingern with its inimitable charm, built on a little defiance to appear too conformist. Or Unterbilk - specifically Lorettostraße - with its many lovingly run stores that offer unique material and culinary delights. And of course Oberkassel, which positively lives up to Düsseldorf's reputation of being très chic . The Luegallee with the market on Barbarossaplatz and the surrounding top restaurants, cafés and stores should make you a fan in no time. Just try it out! 

Drinking your first Alt in the beer garden in front of the Neander Church 

Anyone who has completed a tour of Düsseldorf with at least 10,000 steps is clearly in need of refreshment in the form of beer. In Düsseldorf, be sure to reach for the local specialty, Altbier, which is known far beyond the state's borders and has even attracted worldwide attention. Produced by the house breweries Füchschen, Schumacher, Schlüssel, Uerige and Kürzer, among others, the top-fermented drink tastes particularly delicious because it is tart and refreshing. One of the most beautiful places to toast yourself is the Neanderkirche in the old town (Bolkerstrasse 36). Built in 1687 in the Baroque style and christened with the name of the pastor and hymn poet Joachim Neander (1650-1680), the Schlüssel brewery uses the churchyard as a beer garden. What a setting, overlooking the hustle and bustle of the old town and with divine assistance, to taste your first Altbier! Don't miss marveling at the impressive organ of the Lutheran church. Because of its construction, it served as a model for a whole generation of subsequent instruments. 

Enjoy sunset on city beach 

Loud laughter, trusting whispers, deep glances in the direction of the object of desire: Düsseldorf's city beach provides the backdrop for many unforgettable evenings among friends and - (temporary) strangers - at several locations. For example, settle down in the deck chairs at the Rheinkniebrücke, the Oberkasseler Brücke or the Theodor-Heuss-Brücke to "take in" the view of the Rhine while enjoying a crispy bratwurst and a cold drink, only to enthusiastically join the family in the distance via video call. After all, a joy shared is a joy doubled, right? At Oberkassel Bridge, the Stadtstrand team will also be serving up "the finest live music" free of charge (you can find out about the program via the Instagram account @stadtstrandduesseldorf). In the meantime, your relatives are probably already on their way to Düsseldorf. 

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