Düsseldorf international

Tips for English-speaking travellers

Visit the „We Travel There“ Podcast to find out more about the life in Düsseldorf for expat Jenna Davis

The Altstadt, public transportation in and around Düsseldorf and special events throughout the year are just a few tips that Jenna Davis mentions in the conversation with Lee. Take a stroll through the Media Harbour, visit the Rhine Tower and have delicious lunch in Little Tokyo. For more inspiration listen to the podcast!

If you would like to know more about Düsseldorf and its picturesque Altstadt, take on of our digital guided tours.

More information about the DüsseldorfCard.

Picture: © Düsseldorf Tourismus – Foto: Sabrina Weniger

The Sound of Düsseldorf

Influential and successful pop music has always been created in Düsseldorf. Listen to „The Sound of Düsseldorf“ with our playlist TSOD Mixtape.

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