Six tips for beer fans

Six tips for beer fans

Here you can Düsseldorf Altbier and specialties from all over the world taste

Düsseldorf is famous for its dark top-fermented Altbier, which has been brewed and served here for centuries. However, brewers not only on the Rhine but all over the world produce beer specialties in a wide variety of styles and flavors. We have put together a list of local dealers for that special hop pleasure.

Brewtique Beer Store

A classic Pale Ale or a complex Imperial Stout? At Brewtique in Pempelfort, you'll find a constantly changing selection of creative craft beers from breweries in Germany and abroad. Some beers are offered in a bundle sorted by brewery or style, so you can easily try them out.

Real Düsseldorf Alt

Düsseldorf is an Altbier stronghold. The dark beer variety with the bitter, tangy aroma is brewed strictly according to the Purity Law. Six breweries, namely Schumacher Alt, Uerige, Brauerei Kürzer, Füchschen Alt, Schlüssel Alt and Gulasch Alt produce the refreshing drink directly in Düsseldorf. It is served in the parent breweries, but also in many restaurants and pubs, as well as sold in specialty beverage stores.

Holy Craft Beer Store

How can you keep track of the 300 or so craft beers available at the Holy Craft Beer Store? Owners Sebastian Knepper and Thorsten Kulmann know their way around their regularly changing assortment and are happy to introduce you to the world of craft beers. Currently, they offer Zoom tastings or a monthly subscription that delivers a package of nine to eleven different barley juices to your door.  

Pants Bright 

The perfect quartet: Die Toten Hosen and Düsseldorf, the Altstadt and Alt beer. Even if you think it doesn't get any better than this, a fifth has crept in. The Hosen Hell. A beer that the band developed together with the Uerige brewery and a brewmaster from Bavaria. And yes, it is a light beer. After all, in their opinion, the best Altbier already exists in the form of the Uerige. Who has not yet tried it: You can find Hosen Hell in the band's own online store and, of course, at the Uerige!

Beer & Beer

At Bier & Beer on Münsterstrasse, the decision is difficult. There are carefully selected beers from around 70 countries, some brewed in monasteries according to centuries-old traditions. If you want to please others, you'll also find matching beer glasses, fancy magnum bottles and gift sets.

Altbier Safari

On an Altbier Safari you can discover the variety and uniqueness of original Düsseldorf Altbier and become real "Altbier experts" in just 2 hours. On a professional tour to the 5 Düsseldorf home breweries, including a brewery tour and tasting of the 5 different Altbiers, you will experience the art of craft brewing, Düsseldorf beer and drinking culture and learn everything you need to know about Düsseldorf Altbier.

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