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Mike Litt in conversation with Mithu Sanyal

How's it going, Düsseldorf?

Our podcast "All Rhine" for culture in times of Corona. What Mike Litt wants to know: How did the talk guests perceive the surreal times? What has changed for you? What projects are they working on now?
In Episode 24, Mike talks to Düsseldorf author Mithu Sanyal.

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Mithu Sanyal, born in 1971, is a writer for many media, from WDR to taz to the Guardian. Her non-fiction books on cultural studies "Vulva - die Enthüllung des unsichtbaren Geschlechts" and "Vergewaltigung. Aspects of a Crime" received a great deal of attention. She is one of the most important voices on the major social and cultural issues of this time.

Her first novel, "Identitti," now addresses current social debates about racism and identity politics. Widely read, critically acclaimed - a book of the moment. An observation from the book: "Racism doesn't mean - or at least not only - that other people think you don't belong. Racism means that you think of yourself as not belonging." What's special: In her book, Mithu Sanyal narrates serious and important topics in an exciting way with lightness and humor. And the story is set in Düsseldorf.

In an interview with Mike Litt for "Alle Rhein," Mithu Sanyal explains why she has a special connection to the Oberbilk district and why it was so important to her to immerse herself in its history. Mithu Sanyal can not only imagine that readers from all over the world will one day use her novel to search for clues in Düsseldorf, she even wishes for it. Another close and surprising conversation in our podcast series that opens up new perspectives on Düsseldorf and finally also discusses the many gas lanterns - unique in the world - that make Düsseldorf shine so brightly at night.

Our host

Mike Litt was born in the US state of Virginia and lived in Bochum for many years. The globetrotter usually works in Cologne but lives with his family in the beautiful Düsseltal district of Düsseldorf. He is a radio presenter (1Live, WDR 2, DLF Nova), a DJ with Mayday festival experience and an author (‘The loneliest DJ in the world’). For our podcast, he holds fascinating conversations with other people from Düsseldorf’s cultural scene.

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