Six hidden fashion jewels to be found


Six hidden fashion jewels to be found

True, Düsseldorf is known worldwide for luxury shopping on the Kö. But word has spread among young international fashionistas that off the famous mile - especially in Unterbilk, Carlstadt and Flingern, but also on Stresemannstraße in the city center - many a fashionable gem is waiting to be discovered. Here are the six best 'hidden gems'.

L'Atelier Monsieur

L'Atelier Monsieur on Bilker Allee is the insider's tip for the fashion-conscious man who likes to go off the beaten track. Owner Stephane Chauchoy loves casual self-evidence and propagates it with French, Scandinavian and US-American brands. On board: denims by Blue de Gênes and Indigo People, jackets by Dunderdon, boots by Blundstone or Red Wing and bags by Bleu de Chauffe.

Live Lab Studios

International fashion avant-garde meets progressive interior design and exclusive cosmetics - Stephanie Hahn, designer of the 22/4_Hommes_Femmes collection, has created a platform for like-minded producers and their products with her store. Present here: the natural perfumes of Abel from Amsterdam, the recycled furniture designer Dirk van der Kooij, the Babouche slip-on shoes made of Moroccan vintage carpets by Calla, Paris, and the vases of the London-based glassblower Jochen Holz. So Hahn's own creations are now in the best company.

Beyond Studios

Effortless cool' is the look promoted by Lena Pfalz, owner of Beyond Studios on Stresemannstraße. Brands like Hope, Les Coyotes de Paris, Little Liffner and The Sept are the protagonists here, their minimalist cuts and neutral colors forming the fashion bracket in the former gas station. Particularly beautiful: the small winter garden in the store's entrance, where lush exotic plants and unique pieces by Hap Ceramics make you forget all about diesel and gasoline.


"Jewelry is a private matter," says jewelry designer Christiane Wink. Because although jewelry is usually visibly displayed by its wearer, it is an expression of personality more than any other accessory. Wink sells her unique handcrafted jewelry and small themed collections in her 'privat' store studio on Ackerstraße in Flingen. Her focus is not only on traditional precious metals and stones. The precious objects also attract attention through the use of everyday materials that are not actually used in jewelry. Also part of the assortment: jewelry by Pascale Lion and Delphine Lamarque as well as accessories by Olivia Bertus and Lumi.


Hand-picked colorful vintage fashion and South African organic cosmetics. The concept store Not-a-Shop by Lucio and Massimo Lupacchini brings the lifestyle of the two native Capetonians to Düsseldorf's Stresemannstraße. The South Korean label AJO and SCRT from London make it even more international. If you feel like staying longer in this inspiring atmosphere, there are two chairs in the store belonging to hairdresser Holger Hölkeskamp from Salon Stresemann across the street, who does business with the brothers. 


This pearl of Düsseldorf's shopping scene is really well hidden. In the backyard of a former wholesale bakery, on Ronsdorfer Straße 77a, surrounded by car washes and DIY stores, is the realm of Hiroyuki Murase. On about 70 square meters, the likeable Japanese sells not only his own label Suzusan, but also handmade jewelry by Antwerp designer Stephanie Schneider. Leather bags and exquisite glassware from his homeland round out the portfolio.

Title image: Düsseldorf Tourism

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