Six walks along the water


Six walks along the water

We show you tours in Düsseldorf and the surrounding area that take you along bodies of water.

Are you one of those people who are always drawn to water? Somehow the view of a flowing stream or a quietly resting lake has something calming about it. We've put together six walks for you where you can unwind and let your eyes wander over the water.

To the origin of the Düssel

It is actually impossible to say exactly where the Düssel rises, as it is formed from several sources. One of them is between Wülfrath and Neviges, as an inscription carved in stone attests. This is where the second stage of the Neanderlandsteig passes, starting in the Wülfrath district of Düssel, which is lined with half-timbered houses, and leading to the pilgrimage town of Neviges with its unusual cathedral made of exposed aggregate concrete

Vacation feeling at Unterbacher Lake

Once a treasure trove of gravel and sand, the quarry pond between Düsseldorf and Hilden is now a paradise for sailors and nature lovers. The lake can be circumnavigated once over a distance of approx. 6.5 km. If you want to spend even more time at the lake, use the camping site or one of the houseboats for a short vacation in the south of Düsseldorf.

Always the Rhine in view

Between Düsseldorf's old town and the northern district of Kaiserswerth are about twelve flat kilometers, which you can do in about two and a half hours along the Rhine. No matter where you start, you can get back by subway U79 if your feet don't cooperate anymore. In the north, be sure to visit the ruins of the Kaiserpfalz castle and the historic center of Kaiserswerth.  

Nature experience Monheimer Rheinbogen

It protects and benefits: The Rhine dike protects the Monheim city area from flooding. In front of it, behind it and on top of it is a recreational area that includes the A2 circular hiking trail, which runs for about five kilometers through the floodplain landscape. The nature discovery trail, which is also located in the Rhine bend, is a little more than half as long and uses interactive stations to explain the world of wild herbs, wetland biotopes and bees. You'll also learn why Monheim on the Rhine changed from the left to the right side of the river. 

Lake idyll in Langenfeld-Richrath

Behind the residential area on Karpfenweg, the view opens onto the idyllically situated Heinenbusch Lake (also called Baggersee Frisch), where a few boats from the Petri Heil fishing club bob up and down. The eastern shore is designated as a nature reserve and provides breeding and feeding habitat for endangered bird species. Around the lake is a walking path about two kilometers long. 

Lake Niers

Unfortunately, the Nierssee in Willich-Neersen is not suitable for swimming - it is too dangerous because it is artificially aerated, which can cause undercurrents. But it is a paradise for birds. About 30 species have settled at and on it. Maybe you will see a heron or a colorful kingfisher when you walk or cycle around the lake. By the way, it's not far from here to Neersen Castle, which borders on a magnificent park in English landscape style.  

Cover picture: Hans Blossey

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