Six discoveries on the Kö


Six discoveries on the Kö

It is one of the most famous shopping streets in Germany - but there is much more to experience on Königsallee than shopping and window shopping. 

If you visit Düsseldorf, there's one address you can't miss: Königsallee. Boutiques of world-famous designers line up with the branches of large chains. But even if you're not on a shopping spree, it's always worth taking a look at the Kö. The best thing is that most of the experiences hardly cost anything. 

Enjoy the view

One of the best views of the hustle and bustle of the Kö is offered by the Mayersche bookstore! The branch of the chain is located directly near the Schadow-Arkaden and thus at the northern end of the shopping mile. So if you don't get lost in a romance novel, a thriller or the latest bestseller on proper nutrition, be sure to secure a seat by the panorama window. This is the best opportunity to observe the Düsseldorf public in a completely uninhibited manner. 

Stop by Rosalie's Deli

The Kö stretches for one kilometer, and at 87 meters it is considered the widest street in Germany. This means that anyone walking up and down the avenue can't do without refreshments. Rosalie's Deli in the Kaufhof building offers a wide selection of "delicious" snacks. If you like, you can drink your first champagne at eleven and have breakfast a second time in the late afternoon. Or celebrate into the weekend: On Friday afternoons, the team calls for an after-work party on the in-house terrace.

Jump on the HopOn HopOff bus

You are surprised that we recommend you a classic tourist tour with the HopOn HopOff bus? But yes. Because not only does the route through Düsseldorf start at Königsallee. The ride with the red double-decker also gives you a pretty good view of the dimensions of the street. You'll find out where the most people are and where it's a bit quieter. Also to discover: the many statues like the Bergische Löwen or the Kugelspielerin.

Watch the Kö parrots

In case you're wondering who's screeching loudly across the shopping mile: the Kö parrots. They perch in the plane trees, especially in the south of the avenue, and fly spectacularly through the city center, especially in the morning and at dusk. With their bright green plumage, the Psittacula krameri can hardly be overlooked and easily rival any sports car in speed. The exotic birds originate from Africa and India and came to Germany more than six decades ago. Popular with tourists, they are sometimes considered a nuisance by locals.

Visit the Triton Fountain

For almost 30 years - since 1994 to be precise - the entire Königsallee complex has been a listed building. The Tritonenbrunnen (Triton Fountain) has certainly contributed to this. Positioned not far from Kaufhof, i.e. at the northern end of the Kö, and completed by local sculptor Friedrich Coubillier in 1902, the fountain now serves as a selfie hotspot. Only one is never in the picture: The fountain figure of the Greek sea god Triton turns away from the visitors armed with his lance namely. Instead, the entire moat lies at his feet.

See and be seen 

Don't be surprised if, on an ordinary Wednesday morning, a woman in a short pink costume and ten-centimeter high heels comes towards you. Or a man wearing his fattest watch. The motto "See and be seen" is simply part of Königsallee. After all, four sidewalks here - two next to the stores, two next to the moat - serve as catwalks. Sit down in one of the cafés at the Kö-Galerie and puzzle out whether the famous actress you think you recognize is behind the XXL sunglasses. It's quite possible. 

Title image: Düsseldorf Tourism

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