Six street artists who now design Düsseldorf's streets


Six street artists who now design Düsseldorf's streets

40 Degrees Urban Art Festival celebrates 40 years of street culture together with Pine Street

Kiefernstraße is a very lively part of Düsseldorf's history. The residential street, which became famous for its left-wing alternative squatter scene, has been a popular stomping ground for the street art scene since the 1980s - the virtuoso graffiti-sprayed building facades speak colorful volumes. To mark the 40th anniversary of Kiefernstraße, the 40 Grad Urban Art Festival, which has been celebrating the art of the street every year since 2013, is bringing a whole series of famous street artists to Düsseldorf. We'll tell you which stars of the scene will be whipping out their spray cans in Düsseldorf from August 20 to September 5.   

How and Nosm  

The Spanish-born twin brothers Raoul and Davide Perre lived in Düsseldorf for a long time and immortalized themselves on Kiefernstraße as teenagers. They are now based in New York and are among the best-known street artists in the world with their works, which have a high recognition value thanks to reduced color palettes and complex motifs.  

Daniel Mac Lloyd

The Luxembourger mixes classic graffiti with lettering and abstract as well as photorealistic art. In his home country, he won the 2018 Street Art Award Benelux and has left a lasting mark on the urban art scene with his own gallery. In Düsseldorf, Mac Lloyd is still largely unknown. This will now change!

Mick La Rock

Aileen Middel aka Mick La Rock is one of the first female sprayers in Europe. Since 1983, the artist has been on the road with her graffiti style inspired by classic New York School lettering. After conquering her home country, the Netherlands, she was regularly invited to New York and from then on collaborated worldwide with countless artists in the scene. Today she is mainly active in Amsterdam, working with institutions like the Stedelijk Museum and has found her own style in very minimalist abstract forms.

Alexandros Tsakonas

Born in Athens, Alexandros studied sculpture and worked in marble and bronze until he turned to painting and street art. Today he lives in Naoussa, Greece, where he passes on his extensive knowledge. Last year, the Düsseldorf association Farbfieber e. V. supported the International Urban Art Festival in Naoussa, and now Tsakonas is coming to Düsseldorf for the 40 Grad Urban Art Festival.

Klaus Klinger

Klaus Klinger, who himself has been active in Düsseldorf's urban art scene for more than 40 years, was one of the first to be artistically active on Kiefernstraße in the 1980s. This year, he is not designing any of the house facades, but is devoting himself to the village square on Kiefernstraße: for a given occasion, it is getting a completely new look.

Turbo Urban

The collective around artist and curator Robert Roschwig is planning an exhibition with a total of 40 stars of the Düsseldorf urban art scene. Oliver Räke aka Magic, Marc and Joe Hennig aka Majo Brothers, Bartotainment and Straßenmaid, to name just a few, will be among them. For the anniversary, they all take up spray cans at Kiefernstraße 35, the so-called Red House. 

Title image: Düsseldorf Tourism

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