Interview with Majo Bros


Interview with Majo Bros

Would you like to tell us a few sentences about yourself by way of introduction? What's your name? Where are you from and what do you do?
Marc Hennig, I live and work in Düsseldorf. I've been an active part of the graffiti scene since 1986.

To what extent is your work for "out there" different from your work for galleries and other indoor spaces?
There is a difference between illegal and legal work. With the former, you're always trying to get the most attention possible in the shortest amount of time. With the legal or commissioned work, the process, the communication with the residents and the changing of something that already exists is the exciting part.

What motivates you to create art in urban spaces and to exhibit your works in public spaces?
That way everyone can afford it, it comes to the viewer whether he wants it or not. Basically the same principle that advertising uses. Another important part is participation. To be part of something and to help shape it, to yearn for oneself, to take on a kind of responsibility.

Art in urban space is ephemeral and often only visible for a short time. How is that appealing to you?
The perpetual process, an exciting thing.

In street/urban art exhibitions, it is often an important point for artists to successfully transfer the feeling of the street into a closed gallery space. In your opinion, is this absolutely necessary?
The point is important, but not achievable and not absolutely necessary for the work.

Your art is unmistakably influenced by urban city life. What fascinates you about the typical cityscape and its scenarios that you pick up on this in your art?
The exciting thing is the challenge and the ever-changing formats. DIN and A formats, on the other hand, have little appeal.

Many artists work with a pseudonym instead of their real name. What does your chosen name mean to you?
Which pseudonym do you mean? Basically it's different characters and in the end it's always about freedom.

Where do you get your inspiration from?
From my surroundings and, of course, from the young people who are still mostly free.

What makes a perfect location for your works in the city? How important is the interplay of environment and motif for you?
One I haven't been to yet, but in the end every place has its own special charm.

One last question about your work: What do you want your art to evoke in the viewer?
A feeling.

What do you associate with Düsseldorf?
A big part of my life and yuppies.

Are there other artists or people (no matter if urban art, music, architecture, Köbes, ...) from Düsseldorf who have influenced you?
Yeah sure; Gawky.

Are there any other places in Düsseldorf that you should definitely visit?
You shouldn't have missed out the Kiefernstraße.

Is there anything last you would like to say?
To quote Public Enemy again at this point: DON'T BELIEVE THE HYPE.

Thank you for taking the time!

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