Six barbecue restaurants that are hot tips for us


Six barbecue restaurants that are hot tips for us

Fire and flame

Summer still has a way to go. But that doesn't mean that you have to do without your favorite pastime, which largely determines the warm season. Barbecue is in season all year round in Düsseldorf. Not least the numerous Japanese and Korean restaurants tempt you with deliciously fragrant dishes from the hot grill, which you can also prepare yourself at the table. In addition, there is a not insignificant number of steakhouses that specialize in delicious grilled food. In the following, we have collected six international experts in the matter of hot embers for you.  

The Grill Upper Kö 

The Grill Upper Kö clearly bears its location in its name. Where the designs of the Parisian fashion house Dior exude their high-priced elegance at ground level under the prestigious address Königsallee 30, American steak culture is celebrated in a relaxed but perfectly formed manner on the top floor of the three-story building - in a spacious ambience that combines gray oak and designer furniture with velvet and leather. The space is dominated by a glass front that opens up fabulous views of the Kö. But those who come to The Grill don't do so for the panorama alone. The most compelling argument for a visit is the selection of meat. First and foremost, Nebraska beef in every imaginable cut - from tenderloin to New York strip, rib eye, T-bone and porterhouse steak, some of it dry-aged and from renowned breeder John Stone. Argentine beef tenderloin is also on the menu, plus steaks for families to share. The heart of the kitchen is the 800-degree Southbend grill. It ensures that the surface of the steaks caramelizes while their juices remain inside. With the meat, you can easily choose from sides like Sweet Potato Fries, Grilled Vegetables or Cole Slaw salad. An official appetizer menu, some fish and vegetarian dishes, and 50 different wines round things out. So does the bar, with a DJ on weekends.  

Izmir Kebap House

"Kebap" in Turkish stands for "grilled or fried meat". But even though the word is often mentioned here in the same breath as kebab, probably the most popular Turkish food import, and the Izmir Kebap Haus really does know how to make a great kebab - we're particularly keen on something else here: the grilled dishes. The atmosphere in the location at Worringer Platz 3 is rather unspectacular. It is that of a Turkish snack bar with restaurant operation, which could also be found in the metropolis on the Aegean, after which the Kebap Haus is named. So is it the charcoal grill that makes the difference? Is it the spices that have earned Izmir the reputation of serving some of the most authentic Turkish cuisine in Düsseldorf? Probably both. From Kuzu Pirzola, the lamb chops with rice and salad, to Köfte and Karışık Şiş, the mixed skewer plate with fries - it simply tastes good. Also noteworthy: the selection of soups and "mezeler", the cold and hot appetizers. 

The Bull Steak Expert 

Somewhat less grandiose, but no less excellent. And this time, Argentinean. The Bull Steak Expert, which is located in an inconspicuous building on Pempelforter Taubenstraße, grills primarily Angus and Hereford beef. The animals are raised in the Argentinian pampas, without hormones or growth promoters. And you can taste it. The small menu of the brightly decorated restaurant with a 100 percent focus on steak offers a variety of cuts, from 150 g Lady's Cut to 800 g Tira de Ancho. When it comes to sauces, you'll be spoiled for choice between an Argentine chimichurri, prepared from finely chopped herbs, and a great truffle mayonnaise. The authentic Argentine wines are mainly from the Mendoza region. The founder of The Bull Steak Expert is Daniel Verón. He throws decades of experience as a grill trainer and consultant at many European steakhouses into the mix. For starters, the excellent appetizers such as empanadas or chorizo criollo are recommended, as well as grilled prawns. Due to the limited number of tables, you should definitely make a reservation.     


Gogimatcha is a typical Korean grill house - so typical that large parts of the Korean community in Düsseldorf seem to have agreed on this restaurant. The quota of guests who speak Korean and who make this known in lively exchanges with the friendly, helpful service is high, at any rate. The wood-paneled walls make the spacious interior look a bit like a brewery. In addition to ordinary wooden tables and matching chairs, however, there are also low Asian tables where guests take off their shoes. The concept of Korean BBQ is that you prepare your own meat on the grill embedded in the table. For a long time, the rib-eye steak, beef tongue, shoulder of Iberico pork or the noble Wagyu shoulder meat landed here on real high coals. In the meantime, the company has switched to gas. Various dips and side dishes are served with the BBQ - and always replenished free of charge. Not keen on picking up the barbecue tongs yourself? No problem: Gogimatcha also offers great Korean classics that are brought to your table ready-made. Among them are indispensable starters such as Korean pancakes with kimchi, but also a seafood pot with vegetables or the various bibimbaps, served in a hot stone pot. 

Kushitei of Tokyo 

Everything here is wonderfully Japanese, the decor, the flair, and much of the patronage as well. The atmosphere is like that of an authentic, but more upscale izakaya, the Japanese version of a tapas bar, so to speak. Accordingly, things are uncomplicated and sociable at Kushitei of Tokyo, especially in the grill room. But you shouldn't be fooled by this and make sure to make a reservation. Because the restaurant on Immermannstraße is very popular. For good reason: The Kushiyaki, the Japanese barbecue skewers from the open charcoal grill, are as delicious as they are varied. Combinations such as shrimp with Wagyu beef are put on the skewer here, but also simpler ones such as duck breast, chicken meatballs or squid. The skewers can be individually arranged into platters, so everyone can have a taste. The grilled eel and salmon in teriyaki sauce are also delicious. There are also other Japanese snacks and dishes, as well as an extensive menu of great sushi. The owners of Kushitei of Tokyo also run another barbecue restaurant in Düsseldorf: Ah-Un on Hansaallee, which is dedicated to yakiniku, the Japanese table barbecue with particularly high-class beef.

El Lazo 

Bolker Straße in the old town is known for its party culture. But one thing is certain: El Lazo has been here since 1975 - and was even expanded last year to include the rooms of the closed Bolker 9 pub. Spanish specialties and Argentine steaks grilled here on real charcoal, this dual strategy has worked perfectly for decades. Because the price-performance ratio is top. This applies all the more to the lunch menu. In addition to the great steaks, we also recommend the pimientos de padrón and other Spanish tapas. The ambience is relaxed, the furnishings - typical of the old town - can be described as rustic, including brown spotted cowhide. If you want to immerse yourself in the hustle and bustle of the Bolker while you eat, or simply enjoy the view of the town hall square, you can of course sit outside. Subsequent bar hopping not excluded. 

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