Six jewelry sites whose treasures you should definitely take a closer look at


Six jewelry sites whose treasures you should definitely take a closer look at

Style instead of status 

You like to show what you have? Of course you do! Jewelry is a great accessory. Also. Because jewelry can do so much more. A piece of jewelry is a magic thing. It awakens emotions and reflects them at the same time. And if the character of the creation harmonizes with yours, a ring, a necklace or a brooch often becomes a love for life. The following jewelry designers from Düsseldorf prove that not only heirlooms made of precious metal can tell fascinating stories. 


The story sounds almost unbelievable: as a five-year-old, Gisa Golpira leaves her childhood life in Germany behind to move to the Peruvian jungle for a few years. The reason: Her mother has taken a job there as a gold digger. The very first gold nugget that the adventurous Ariane Golpira finds, she gives to her little daughter - and she wears it on a chain around her neck to this day. In 2014, Gisa founded her jewelry label Golpira. Here, everything revolves around "green gold". In other words, gold that has been mined in the traditional way and in compliance with high social and ecological standards. From untreated nuggets, shaped by water and weather, precious unique pieces are created at Golpira. Through their variety of shapes, irregularities such as inclusions, a smooth or dull surface, they celebrate the beauty of the imperfect. To this day, the woman with the wild curls also uses nuggets mined by her mother. She now lives in Papua New Guinea. Who needs it once again in black and white: Mother and daughter have written a book about their time together in the jungle. The jewelry is available from Andreas Murkudis, Berlin, and Bergdorf Goodman, New York, among others, and in Düsseldorf-Flingern by appointment.  

Ariane Ernst Jewelry 

Minimalist and yet glamorous in its own way. Ariane Ernst's jewelry bridges the gap between current trends and an aesthetic at peace with itself, beyond clearly defined trends or styles. "Inbetween", is her credo, from which women and men alike feel inspired. Ariane Ernst has been running her own jewelry label since 2013 and now employs 20 people. Fashion has also been added in the meantime. Each piece of jewelry is made in Düsseldorf and the surrounding area, primarily from recycled precious metals. Ariane Ernst loves the conceptual, which she sometimes takes in a deconstructivist direction. For example, she contradicts the idea that wedding rings must always be identical. They could differ not only in size, but also in shape and structure and still complement each other. The flagship store on Bilker Allee was completely renovated last year and now creates an even more appropriate setting for the high-quality jewelry, which is now presented here on sculptural wooden towers, among other things. By the way, you can also find Ariane Ernst at Breuninger. 

related by objects 

That's what all creatives wish for: like-minded people who share their vision and give creativity an extra boost. Eva, Anna, Mia, Anja and Lena have found exactly that in each other. They first met in 2013 at the beginning of their design studies at the Düsseldorf University of Applied Sciences. In 2020, immediately after earning their master's degrees in jewelry and product design, they founded related by objects. "We feel related by objects, by the diverse approaches and focuses of each designer, which make our range so special and perfect," the five write on their website - and that's exactly how it is. All of the jewelry is handcrafted in their manufactory on Oberbilker Allee in Düsseldorf-Friedrichstadt. They are always special, durable, high quality and of a certain timelessness. Because Eva, Anna, Mia, Anja and Lena are advocates of the slow fashion movement and also focus on eco-design. It's nice that this was rewarded last year at the Düsseldorf premiere of the international design fair Blickfang with the Design Award Fashion and Jewelry!  

Studio Behind India 

And another women's combo, in which, however, each does her thing. In the studio community in the backyard of Düsselthaler Straße 1a, no uniform collection is created. Rather, Anna Huberman, Sofia Beilharz, Maren Düsel and Laura Christmann hammer, solder and file away at their own projects and creations. The result is a diversity that begs to be discovered. While Maren Düsel cultivates a rather minimalist design language, interspersed with colorful accents and sometimes translated into jewelry with movable elements, Laura Christmann's designs, for example, find an important source of inspiration in nature. Would you like to take a look behind the scenes of the Hinter Indien studio? Special events take place here several times a year. For example, the "Jewelry Dinner", where guests are cooked and learn more about the everyday work and the craft of the four jewelry designers in a relaxed atmosphere. 


The minds behind Nyyukin are no strangers to Düsseldorf. Vera and Philippe Henco are not only married, but also run a design and brand agency together. And they are friends with Johannes Hundt, a jewelry designer of international repute. Hundt's innovative material combinations and manufacturing techniques, some of which he borrows from the automotive and aerospace industries, have won many awards. Since 2019, the three have now condensed their skills: in a bangle that brings together the highest-quality materials with 3D-supported jewelry design and an aesthetic informed by modern graphic design. The basis is provided by titanium and Swiss stainless steel, two very stable and durable materials, but also difficult to work with and therefore rarely used in jewelry manufacturing. From this, the "Character" is created in collaboration with German specialist companies. Moments", interchangeable inlays made of flexible polymers in various shapes and colors, can be inserted into it. Rather reservedly simple or uncompromisingly expressive? You decide! Thanks to the bangle's interchangeable system, you can adequately express your mood at any time. By the way, all Nyyukin products are unisex. 

Moritz Wenz Studio 

The assortment of Moritz Wenz Studio is not simply retro. The inspirations are tangible and clearly anchored in the history of NRW - be it mining or the heavy industry of the Rhineland. Moritz Wenz studied jewelry design in Pforzheim as well as industrial design in Wuppertal. And so the jewelry collection he offers in the Flingeraner Kiez in his own store on Ackerstraße is also of an aesthetic to which the term authentic really applies. It includes signet rings, chain bracelets and various pendants made of solid 925 silver, but also, for example, coat of arms rings made of 585 gold, the provenance of which is owed to a recycling process. Men, here you will find what you are looking for! But many of the creations also work for them. The handmade jewelry, which is created in collaboration with small manufactories and family businesses in Germany, is complemented by robust bags, belts and other items made of vegetable-tanned leather, among other things. Particularly popular: the "Flöz" series with the hammer-and-iron symbol, which has already earned Moritz the FORM Design Award.

Title image: Moritz Wenz Studio

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