Interview with kj263


Interview with kj263

Would you like to tell us a few sentences about yourself by way of introduction? What is your name? Where are you from and what doyoudo?
First came the nose and then came KJ263. K. Jakson not only makes noses on the street, he also spreads his style in the form of classic styles.

How is your work for "out there" different compared to the work for galleries and other indoor spaces?
Knowing him, working outside is like dancing for Jakson. A fascinating to ironically funny mix of everyday perceptions and fictional shenanigans, depicted in surrealistic suggestive motifs. He reproduces and enjoys the moment. It is already important that the works on the street interact with the environment. Studio work, on the other hand, is more cerebral, meticulous, conceptual and uptight - it just takes a long time.

What motivates you to create art in urban space and to exhibit your works in public space?
We are constantly in the middle of the action. The excitement to tell the stories comes from the edge of the heights or from the depths of the social strata. It's nice to look at the iridescent images almost like foreign bodies in the thoroughly structured urban landscape.

Art in urban space is ephemeral and often only visible for a short time. How is that appealing to you?
"I can smell something new every day. Everything comes and goes, only I stay." So says KJ's nose.

In street/urban art exhibitions, it is often an important point for artists to successfully transfer the feeling of the street into a closed gallery space.In your opinion, is that absolutely necessary?
No, otherwise the so-called "street art" looks like hallway or living room decoration.

Many artists work with a pseudonym instead of their real name. What does your chosen name mean to you?
KJ263 = the kilojoule value of a bar of white chocolate with nuts.

Where do you get your inspiration?
From the

What do you associate with Düsseldorf?
Snootiness. There are simply a lot of special noses around here.

Are there other artists or people (whether urban art, music, architecture, Köbes, ...) from Düsseldorf who have influenced you?

Are there other places in Düsseldorf that you should definitely visit?
There is also a lot to discover
onthe other side of the Rhine.

Is there anything last you'd like to get off your chest?

Thank you for taking the time!

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