Six tempting patisseries


Six tempting patisseries

Our Düsseldorf favorites for sweet moments of happiness

Sometimes it just has to be something sweet. And who better to make something like that than a patissier specializing in pastries? We tell you where in Düsseldorf you can be tempted by handmade delicacies. At Lockdown, of course, only as a takeaway.

Pâtisserie Petit Paris at the Rocaille

Paris is known for its high-quality and creative patisserie, whose tradition has been cultivated for centuries and is constantly refined by innovative influences. Alexandra Wende learned from the masters in France and uses only the finest ingredients such as Valrhona chocolate or cream from France for her Derendorf pâtisserie at Rocaille, as she believes there are no German products of comparable quality.

bittersweet&precious white

Kathrin Lohaus spent a lot of time in the kitchen as a child. Back then, she worked with her grandfather, a trained baker. Kathrin is now a master confectioner and gives free rein to her passion for chocolate in her chocolaterie on Lorettostraße. She offers hand-scooped bars, broken chocolate, homemade spreads and a large selection of chocolates and truffles. Be sure to try the Nussecken - a dream!

Pure Pastry

Pralines, tartlets, pastries - this is just a small selection of the delicacies that patissier Tim Tegtmeier offers at Carlsplatz, made from high-quality ingredients and with great attention to detail. The fact that he learned his craft in such well-known kitchens as the three-star "Restaurant Vendôme" in Bensberg Castle is evident in the compositions made from high-quality ingredients.


Do you crave sweet pastries, but deny yourself them because of your gluten intolerance? Isabella knows the problem, because she has suffered from it herself for several years. That's why the products in her Oberkassel patisserie are made without wheat flour, and some are also low carb, vegan and lactose-free. And since she makes fresh bread for herself every day anyway, the range also includes gluten-free breads and rolls.

Aux Merveilleux de Fred

The name alone! Merveilleux means wonderful. And aptly describes the feeling that arises when the traditional confectionery from the north of France melts on the tongue. Meringue, covered in cream and meringue shavings and reinterpreted by Frédéric Vaucamps. The merveilleux at Kasernenstrasse 15 are available in cherry, nougat, chocolate, coffee and caramel flavors. How can you make up your mind?

Big-B - The Brownie Bakery

Heavenly juicy and almost forbiddingly chocolaty - when it comes to the brownies from Big-B in the Loretto district, it quickly becomes clear that Bakery founder Moritz Külgen has a soft spot for chocolate. As a chef, he has worked in countries such as the U.S., New Zealand and England, and from each stop he has brought back inspiration for his more than 20 brownie varieties.

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