All Rhine! With Carl Friedrich Schröer

The podcast hosted by Mike Litt

Mike Litt in conversation with Carl Friedrich Schröer

How's it going, Düsseldorf?

Our podcast "All Rhine" for culture in times of Corona. What Mike Litt wants to know: How did the talk guests perceive the surreal times? What has changed for you? What projects are they working on now?
In Episode 25, Mike talks with Carl Friedrich Schröer.

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Carl Friedrich Schröer has a very special view of the city's culture. In 2020, the renowned art critic curated a multimedia retrospective of the work of Anatol Herzfeld at the Weltkunstzimmer. At that time, the gallery on a former factory site in Düsseldorf-Flingern also featured videos of Joseph Beuys crossing the Rhine. Beuys student and policeman Anatol had prepared the dugout canoe for the river crossing.

As a native of Düsseldorf, Schröer observes events very closely and with profound knowledge in equal measure. Among other things, he shares his impressions and knowledge in his blog "" with exciting texts and films.

In conversation with Mike Litt, in the spring of the Joseph Beuys Year, he tells us about the significance of the extraordinary universal artist and actionist, about his companion Anatol, and how one can still discover art in Düsseldorf that may be highly valued in the future. And we learn how Carl Friedrich Schröer came to live in the extraordinary Eiskellerberg House in the immediate vicinity of the Art Academy, where he works today and continues to find inspiration.

Our host

Mike Litt was born in the US state of Virginia and lived in Bochum for many years. The globetrotter usually works in Cologne but lives with his family in the beautiful Düsseltal district of Düsseldorf. He is a radio presenter (1Live, WDR 2, DLF Nova), a DJ with Mayday festival experience and an author (‘The loneliest DJ in the world’). For our podcast, he holds fascinating conversations with other people from Düsseldorf’s cultural scene.

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