Beuys & Bike #3: Duisburg

100 years Joseph Beuys


On the trail of Joseph Beuys by bike

Beuys & Duisburg

Many of Beuys' works of art are sculptures. The origin can be found in Duisburg. As a young artist, he saw the sculptures of Wilhelm Lehmbruck in a photograph and thus discovered the importance of sculptures for his art. This section of the route continues along the Lower Rhine into the Ruhr region.

Length: 74 km
Altitude: 190 m
Duration: 3 h 50 min

The special Beuys moment on the road:

The Lehmbruck Museum played a very important role for Beuys. Shortly before his death, he gave his last speech there and thanked Lehmbruck, as the inspiration for the sculpture came from a sculpture by Lehmbruck. In the Lehmbruck Museum, as well as on its grounds, you walk past many sculptures and let the art affect you, just as Beuys once did.

The perfect Instagram motif:

Impressive sculptures can be found in many places in Duisburg. The "Head of Poseidon" can be found in the port district of Ruhrort.

The Beuys quote fits this stage:

"I would like to thank my teacher Wilhelm Lehmbruck. Why was it possible for a man who, after I got my hands on a very small fragment of his work and even as a photograph, was able to produce in me the final decision to deal with sculpture, with sculpture?"

Fat burning:

3,116 kcal yields approx. 420 grams of butter

Detailed information on the various highlight locations on the route can be found at Tourismus NRW .

You can find the complete Beuys & Bike bike route on our website.

Photo: Lehmbruck Museum © Johannes Höhn

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