Six discoveries in and around Benrath Palace


Six discoveries in and around Benrath Palace

We show you the fairy tale castle and its special corners

Once upon a time there was an elector named Karl Theodor von der Pfalz. He had a magnificent pink fairy-tale castle built in the south of Düsseldorf. And even though the elector himself visited the estate only once, many visitors come today. Not only the castle and its buildings, but also the park with its unique location on the Rhine attract guests to Benrath - especially on special occasions such as the Festival of Lights or the Christmas market. We show you what else there is to discover on site.

Look behind the hidden doors of the bathrooms

In the 18th century, physical hygiene gained in importance - and with it, the stately bathrooms became more important. There are two large ones in the palace, one for the elector and one for the electress. The special feature of these bathrooms is a hidden door that connects the two halves of the living quarters. This allowed the Electress and Elector to visit their partner without being seen. In addition, the bathrooms are a real eye-catcher thanks to the elaborate stucco decorations.

Admire the music gallery

The centerpiece of the main building "Corps de Logis" is the domed hall. Where civil weddings take place today, people used to dance. The musical accompaniment was not to be missed. Six to eight musicians sat in the hidden music gallery and let "sky music" sound from there: The music fell on the guests from above, so to speak.  

Recognize symmetries

If you look at the castle and its park from above, you will immediately notice the symmetrical structure. The wings of the main building "Corps de Logis" are each built in the same way. The wings can only be assigned to their former occupants through the interior decoration and the color scheme: pink for the rooms of the Electress, green for those of the Elector. The park is also crisscrossed by straight lines - a tip for all photographers.

Browse in the kitchen garden

The palace garden is not only beautiful to look at, but also home to various useful plants. In the past, dessert fruit from Benrath was popular thanks to the orangery and was even delivered to the king's court in Berlin. Today, depending on the season, you can buy herbs, lettuce or cut flowers directly from the somewhat remote kitchen garden. This is tended and cared for by the workshop for adapted work.

Kitchen Garden in the Castle Park

Discover hidden rooms

The electoral couple naturally needed a lot of service in the palace. Cooks, valets, maids, servants and many others were responsible for this. And so that they did not disturb the prince and his guests, there was a mezzanine floor for the staff. In the staircase of the "Corps de Logis" there is a well-hidden door that leads to the rooms of the staff. If you want to explore more secret rooms and corridors of the palace, book directly a "Hidden Rooms" tour of the palace.

Enjoy sweet temptations in the castle café

Such a tour of discovery makes you hungry. Good thing there's the castle café. Here you can fortify yourself with coffee and cake or in advance with a breakfast. With the Elector's breakfast in the backdrop of the castle, you can live like Elisabeth Auguste once did. Current opening hours: Fridays to Sundays 10 am to 5 pm.

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Cover photo: Judith Schäfers

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