Six gastro discoveries of the year


Six gastro discoveries of the year

We show you six hot gastro discoveries with cult potential

Against all odds, Düsseldorf has once again seen a lot of gastronomic activity. And some of the new openings are already proving to be crowd pullers. Because they stand out, strike a chord with the times or impress with their special attention to detail. Here are six of the hottest new gastronomic arrivals with cult potential - fresh on the table!


A restaurant full of graffiti? That's right! And where? On Kiefernstraße, of course, the favorite place of street art fans. The famous New York building façade '5Pointz' was the inspiration for owner Timo Schmitz's name, and inside the restaurant, artists Marc Henning and Fabian Buckermann let off steam with their spray cans. In the kitchen, Jurek Morgenstern wields the scepter, propagating US street food in keeping with the spirit.

Fu by Master Wang

Even if Master Wang doesn't reveal all of his Chinese ingredients and a few of the dishes served in the intimate restaurant on Pionierstraße are prepared with his 'secret spice' - one thing is quite obvious at the new Fu on Pionierstraße: you dine here in an atmospheric ambience, the food is exceedingly delicious, and when the weather is good, there is even a small terrace to tempt you.

Weird Space Café

Friedrichstadt is moulting! The coffee cracks of Weird Space from Unterbilk have now opened a branch at Hüttenstraße 83. In addition to the house brand from the local roastery Schvarz, Marcel Kühnemund offers a fine selection of coffees from all over Europe and consistently fair and sustainable production. Of course, hand filter fans also get their money's worth. For the small appetite there is delicious lemon cake on the hand.

Phox Pho

In Vietnam, it is served for breakfast; in Düsseldorf, the traditional Southeast Asian soup is served for lunch or dinner. The minimalist décor and well-structured menu of Phox Pho on Stresemannstrasse are evidence of a clear concept. Its cornerstones are three soup variations: a chicken Pho with Kikok chicken, a Pho Bo with Black Angus beef, and a vegan version in which an entire pot full of vegetables and mushrooms goes. Also a poem: the summer rolls and mini pancakes with shrimp.

Harbour Master's Office

Greta and Paul Meister have only recently entered Düsseldorf's harbor. Their Hafenmeisterei on Wupperstraße combines the flair of a harbor pub with the culinary finesse of upscale European bistro cuisine. In particular, the selection of seafood as well as the fish soup evoke memories of vacation days on the northern French coast. But the masters live the tradition with a twist: For example, the 'faux gras' on the menu is an ethically sound vegetable alternative to the similar-sounding French product.   

Mama Lishe

And yet more proof that Friedrichstadt is on the rise: Mama Lishe in the Bermuda triangle of Helmholtzstrasse, Hüttenstrasse and Scheurenstrasse. The small corner store has quickly become a trendy lunch location. Vegetable-focused curries, quiches, wraps and pasta dishes, sometimes with an Asian, sometimes with an Oriental or Mediterranean twist, attract fans of healthy cuisine in particular. Dessert is available right across the street at Eiscafé Belluno.  

Title image: Düsseldorf Tourism

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