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Mike Litt in conversation with Demis Volpi

How's it going, Düsseldorf?

The German-language podcast Alle Rhein!gives a voice to the people behind the many large and small-scale projects at the heart of Düsseldorf’s thriving cultural scene. Our host Mike Litt talks to his guests about the most exciting projects and, along the way, clarifies what artists, organizers and other creative people love about their city and: where they prefer to be in their private lives.
In Episode 34, Mike talks to Demis Volpi, director and chief choreographer of the Ballett am Rhein.

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Demis Volpi discovered his love of dance when he was just four years old. That was back then in Argentina. Now in his mid-30s, he is realizing his visions as ballet director and chief choreographer at the Oper am Rhein. After working in Toronto and Stuttgart, among other places, he succeeded Martin Schläpfer in Düsseldorf, where the pandemic initially put the brakes on his ambitious plans. Demis Volpi is now picking up speed all the more with his dancers. In this interview for "Alle Rhein!", he reveals to our host Mike Litt how he intends to take the Ballett am Rhein to new heights and into new spaces in the next season. And Demis Volpi explains why dance touches us all directly and how he opened up Düsseldorf for himself when the world seemed to stand still.

Our host

Mike Litt was born in the US state of Virginia and lived in Bochum for many years. The globetrotter usually works in Cologne but lives with his family in the beautiful Düsseltal district of Düsseldorf. He is a radio presenter (1Live, WDR 2, DLF Nova), a DJ with Mayday festival experience and an author (‘The loneliest DJ in the world’). For our podcast, he holds fascinating conversations with other people from Düsseldorf’s cultural scene.

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