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Düsseldorf by bike

Explore Düsseldorf 
by bike

Explore Düsseldorf by bike, visit every corner of the city without stress, stop anywhere you like without having to worry about parking and, as an added bonus, you can keep fit at the same time! The city’s tour recommendations will also give you the chance to see some of the less well-known sights.
Photo: Tourismus NRW - Photographer: Dominik Ketz


Discover Düsseldorf on two wheels

Düsseldorf by bike

Get pedalling and explore Düsseldorf by bike. With its short distances, many sights within easy reach, and few hills, the city is so bike-friendly – which lets you see Düsseldorf from an ultra-exciting perspective.

Take a look at RADschlag, the City of Düsseldorf’s cycling website. It tells you everything you need to know about cycling here – from online navigation to a list of bike hire companies to attractive bike tours of the city. This website will also tell you where to find the city’s cycle-track network or suggestions for appealing cycling routes.

Or you can simply download our RADschlag app to your smartphone. It contains not only interesting info, but also offers you up-to-the-minute bike navigation through the city, perfectly tuned to Düsseldorf, and with hundreds of points of interest (POI).

Explore and enjoy Düsseldorf and the surrounding area on attractive bike tours. This will allow you to discover sights that you hardly even notice when you’re in a car or some other vehicle. It’s worth it!

See details of local cycle tours in Düsseldorf here.



It isn’t only the state capital but also the surrounding region that offers cyclists so many choices.

No fewer than five cycle routes go through both the Düsseldorf city area and the surrounding area. Take the Lower Rhine and Kaiser Route to see important regional sights such as the fortified Veste Zons, the Neanderthal Museum or the Museum Insel Hombroich.

Radroutenplaner NRW

If you’re planning tours in and around Düsseldorf, the Radroutenplaner NRW (Cycle Route Planner NRW) will come in handy. Use it online to work out a route from door to door, and find out about lots of sights and excursion destinations.

Radverkehrsnetz NRW

In Düsseldorf the Radverkehrsnetz NRW (Cycle Track Network NRW) is marked over a distance of 96 km. A free cycling map provides an overview of the marked routes in the city area and the neighbouring towns and communities.

The map also contains lots of information about the City of Düsseldorf, the type and function of the signage used, and useful facts about cycling.

Erlebnisweg Rheinschiene

The most beautiful sights in the Rhenish metropolis of Düsseldorf are situated directly on the Erlebnisweg Rheinschiene (Rheinschiene Adventure Route).

RheinRadWeg NRW

The RheinRadWeg NRW (RhineCycleRoute NRW) runs alongside the Rhine on both sides of the river over more than 42 exciting kilometres in the Düsseldorf city area alone.


The NiederRheinroute (Lower Rhine Route) takes in a total of 1,215 km main and 820 km secondary roads, allowing cyclists to explore the region from Isselburg in the north to Übach-Palenberg in the south. Bounded in the west by the Netherlands, the eastern outliers of the route go as far as Duisburg and extend to the gates of the state capital Düsseldorf.

Bike Hire and Service

If you don’t bring your own bike with you, there are several options for hiring one in Düsseldorf.

You are sure to find the right bike in the state capital, be it at a pick-up point or using a flexible hire system. Or you can use the City of Düsseldorf’s RADschlag Service, to navigate directly to the nearest bike hire company.

Zukunftswerkstatt Düsseldorf (ZWD) – Bike-related Services

This bicycle workshop offers a wide variety of bike-related services such as bike repair, second-hand bikes or used parts.
You can also hire 20 to 28-inch bikes, helmets and children’s seats, or park your own bike safely. A total of 450 bikes can be stored here.

Adress: Zukunftswerkstatt Düsseldorf bike station

Willi-Becker-Allee 8 a, directly behind the Hauptbahnhof (central station)
Exit of Bertha-von-Suttner-Platz
40227 Düsseldorf
Tel.: +49 (0)211/5 14 47 11

Düsseldorf is home to 10 cyclist-friendly hotels which are adapted to the special needs of cycling guests and are listed by the Allgemeiner Deutscher Fahrrad-Club e.V. (ADFC) in its “Bett+Bike Accommodation Directory”. Only those who meet the ADFC’s quality criteria are permitted to display the sought-after “Bett+Bike” (Bed+Bike) sign which indicates that cyclists are welcome.

CVJM Düsseldorf Hotel & Tagung 
Graf-Adolf-Straße 102 
40210 Düsseldorf 
T +49 211 17 28 50 

Hotel Haus Hillesheim (seit 1894) 
Jahnstraße 19 
40215 Düsseldorf 
T +49 211 38 68 60 

Hotel Villa Verde 
Bockumer Straße 26 
40489 Düsseldorf 
T +49 211 40 16 97 

Das MutterHaus Hotel und Tagungszentrum 
Geschwister-Aufricht-Straße 1 
40489 Düsseldorf 
T +49 211 61 72 70 

Gästehaus Boddem 
Niederrheinstraße 228a 
40474 Düsseldorf 
T +49 211 45 35 12 

Hotel Arosa 
Sonderburgstraße 48 
40545 Düsseldorf 
T +49 211 57 73 20 

Jugendherberge Düsseldorf 
Düsseldorfer Straße 1 
40545 Düsseldorf 
T +49 211 55 73 10 

Hotel Imperial 
Venloer Straße 9 
40477 Düsseldorf 
T +49 211 23 97 050 

Hotel National Düsseldorf 
Schwerinstraße 16 
40477 Düsseldorf 
T +49 211 51 35 610 

Sonnen Hotel garni 
Bockumer Straße 4 
40489 Düsseldorf 
T +49 211 40 22 74 

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