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Düsseldorf is a city of encounters and interactions, whether at the bar of a microbrewery in the Old Town or over a sushi train in Little Tokyo. Everyone has their favourite places. But sometimes it’s good to change things up and experience something new, which is where ‘Inspiration Düsseldorf’ comes in handy. If you fancy a unique tour of the city accompanied by original Düsseldorf tunes you won’t go wrong with Edition 01 of our Inspiration Düsseldorf cards.
 Here’s how they work:
Click on the button below the cards to get a random selection, then choose one of them to find out more about diverse aspects of Düsseldorf ranging from urban art and religious architecture to climate action in the city. One of our cards, for example, will introduce you to ‘The Sound of Düsseldorf’ through a link to our specially curated playlist of the same name that contains original Düsseldorf-style New German Wave, techno, punk and more. Don’t leave everything to chance though – get that trip to Düsseldorf booked!

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